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Front Entrance Clark County Detention Center

Front Entrance Clark County Detention Center

Where is the CCDC?

The Clark County Detention Center is located at:

330 South Casino Center

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101.

CCDC Inmate Search

If you are concerned about someone who may be or is currently incarcerated in Las Vegas, you could search online using eBAIL’s Free Inmate Search Tool:

Inmates that are under 18 or in protective custody will not be listed, and information will not be given via email. You must know the individual’s first name and at least the first two letters of their last name in order to utilize this search. Individuals cannot be bailed out until they have had their fingerprints run through the Clark County Detention Center, so if you have access to a person’s identification, you are urged to forward it to the jail. The main jail information line is available 24/7 to check on an inmate or for any other questions or help.

Back View of Clark County Detention Center

Back View of Clark County Detention Center

Contacting the CCDC

The main jail information phone number is (702) 671-3900. All mail should be sent to Clark County Detention Center, 330 South Casino Center, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. To direct mail to a specific inmate you also must include their full name and ID#. All mail is opened to check for contraband before it ever reaches an inmate, and forbidden items will be disposed or returned. Unacceptable material includes pornography, un-canceled stamps, blank stationery, explicit writing, glitter, or any material that is unidentifiable or could be considered hazardous. Email inquiries can be sent to [email protected], but information about people in custody will not be provided via email. You can look up information about the facility by visiting Clark County’s website and following the link for the Clark County Detention Center.