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Anyone just got arrested in North Las Vegas or is somewhere in jail? Find them now by calling 702-608-2245. A friendly operator is standing by and can find your friend or loved one fast in any of the three jails. The North Las Vegas Jail closed its doors in mid June 2012, just shortly after city officials made the decision. All the inmates were transferred to Clark County Detention Center also known as CCDC and also to Las Vegas City Jail.

This makes finding your friend or loved one on your own much more complicated and frustrating. Let us help you. We will make you feel comfortable and happy by giving you all your options and explaining the process to you. We can help now, call us at 702-608-2245. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

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eBAIL is an Online Bail Bonds Company located in the heart of the world famous Sin City. eBAIL assists with getting detainees released from  the Clark County Jail, Las Vegas Jail, North Las Vegas Jail and the Jail. For free no obligation inmate search and bail info please call 702-608-2245.  You will be happy you did, guaranteed!

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