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Did someone just get arrested and you want to preform an in custody search? Call 702-608-2245 to search for them in any of the three Jails in the Las Vegas area.

There is the Clark County Detention Center which is right behind the Golden Nugget Casino on 330 South Casino Center Drive. The CCDC is open 24 to inquire about inmates and recent arrests, however the bail window closes at 12 midnight and reopens at 8am.

Location for the Clark County Detention Center:

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The Las Vegas City Jail backs up right to the 95 freeway between Mojave and Pecos. They are open 24 hours to inquire about inmates and to post bail bonds. Since July of 2012 all North Las Vegas Jail inmates are now also held at the City of Las Vegas Detention Center.

Location for the City of Las Vegas Detention Center:

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The Henderson Detention Center is in downtown Henderson behind the Court House on 18 Basic Road. This jail is also open 24 hours to post bail bonds and inquire about inmates.

Location for the Henderson Detention Center:

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In Custody Inmate Search and Bail Bond Information

If you try to call any of these Jails to find someone in custody you will experience great frustration. The wait on the phone can be as long as 30 minutes or longer and their phone system may accidentally disconnect you, which happens all the time. You may also call the wrong jail and if someone is not booked in yet they will not have any record of them being there since the booking in process can take up to four hours.

So, if you are searching for an inmate that is in custody in any one of these Jails call 702-608-2245 right now. Our friendly inmate search staff will find your friend or loved one now. We are licensed by the NV Department of Insurance and accredited by the Better Business Bureau to post bail bonds at any of the jails.

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