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Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search – Call 702-608-2245

Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search – Call 702-608-2245 – Las Vegas Detention Center – 3300 Stewart Avenue. A friend or loved one just got arrested? Call our friendly staff at 702-608-2245 to locate them in any one of the three jails in the Las Vegas area. Do not waste your time and get frustrated by calling all the jails yourself just to be put on hold. To be booked into any one of the Las Vegas jails it could take up to 4 hours or more.

Don’t worry we can put you on our electronic inmate scan system. It automatically scans all the jails in the Las Vegas area and finds inmates faster than anyone. Once an inmate is located then they can be released on bail. Once a bail bond has been posted at the jail it could take up to 12 hours or more to be released. The Las Vegas Jail does not release their inmates at their facilities but transports them to the backside of the Clark County jail for release. Our Online Bail Bond System can provide Bail Bonds in 3 minutes or less. Call right now and we will find your friend or loved one in any Las Vegas Jails 702-608-2245

City of Las Vegas Jail

City of Las Vegas Jail

Bail window at the City of Las Vegas Jail

Bail window at the City of Las Vegas Jail

Las Vegas Jail – Bail and Inmate Information Window – 3300 Stewart Avenue – Las Vegas

eBAIL provides Bail Bond Services in the greater Las Vegas area including North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, and Green Valley.

Yelp Reviews: Clark County Detention Center

Recently, the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas has come under fire for reviews left on the popular user review site Yelp. Some of the reviews of the Clark County Detention Center were comical, while others were much more serious in tone.

The biggest complaint of the largest detention center in Clark County found on Yelp centered on the cuisine served within the walls of the prison. One female inmate that was interviewed by Fox 5 News in Las Vegas stated “The only thing edible is the dessert.” The Yelp reviews have caught the eye of some of the law enforcement officials who man the Clark County Detention Center, such as Sgt. John Sheahan, who Fox 5 also asked about the comments. He said “People need to remember you’re eating three square meals a day…” The reviews on Yelp haven’t deterred center officials from carrying on business as usual, and have no intention of changing the day to day operations of the facility.

Sgt. Sheahan also added that “You get your clothes provided to you for free. You get to walk around in slippers all day for free, and you get to network and meet new and interesting people while you’re there.” After all, jail time isn’t supposed to be a 5-star experience like a hotel on the strip. Citizens that find themselves as visitors of the publicly funded detention center need to remember this is punishment, not a day vacation.

The Clark County Detention Center for it’s part, received an average rating of two out of five stars possible. One of the funnier quotes from the review site stated that the facility “…smelled like shame and fritos.” Prisoners get their meals, clothes, etc. while being held in the facility for free. What is surprising, is that the jail is even on the Yelp review list, as the site is normally reserved for reviews of what is supposed to be enjoyable experiences such as restaurants, hotels, airlines, and other user-friendly services. It is unknown whether the biggest jail in Las Vegas is the first or only facility to appear on the online review website.

In Custody Inmate Search

Did someone just get arrested and you want to preform an in custody search? Call 702-608-2245 to search for them in any of the three Jails in the Las Vegas area.

There is the Clark County Detention Center which is right behind the Golden Nugget Casino on 330 South Casino Center Drive. The CCDC is open 24 to inquire about inmates and recent arrests, however the bail window closes at 12 midnight and reopens at 8am.

Location for the Clark County Detention Center:

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The Las Vegas City Jail backs up right to the 95 freeway between Mojave and Pecos. They are open 24 hours to inquire about inmates and to post bail bonds. Since July of 2012 all North Las Vegas Jail inmates are now also held at the City of Las Vegas Detention Center.

Location for the City of Las Vegas Detention Center:

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The Henderson Detention Center is in downtown Henderson behind the Court House on 18 Basic Road. This jail is also open 24 hours to post bail bonds and inquire about inmates.

Location for the Henderson Detention Center:

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In Custody Inmate Search and Bail Bond Information

If you try to call any of these Jails to find someone in custody you will experience great frustration. The wait on the phone can be as long as 30 minutes or longer and their phone system may accidentally disconnect you, which happens all the time. You may also call the wrong jail and if someone is not booked in yet they will not have any record of them being there since the booking in process can take up to four hours.

So, if you are searching for an inmate that is in custody in any one of these Jails call 702-608-2245 right now. Our friendly inmate search staff will find your friend or loved one now. We are licensed by the NV Department of Insurance and accredited by the Better Business Bureau to post bail bonds at any of the jails.

North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

Anyone just got arrested in North Las Vegas or is somewhere in jail? Find them now by calling 702-608-2245. A friendly operator is standing by and can find your friend or loved one fast in any of the three jails. The North Las Vegas Jail closed its doors in mid June 2012, just shortly after city officials made the decision. All the inmates were transferred to Clark County Detention Center also known as CCDC and also to Las Vegas City Jail.

This makes finding your friend or loved one on your own much more complicated and frustrating. Let us help you. We will make you feel comfortable and happy by giving you all your options and explaining the process to you. We can help now, call us at 702-608-2245. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

Try Search for Inmates: North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Finder

eBAIL is an Online Bail Bonds Company located in the heart of the world famous Sin City. eBAIL assists with getting detainees released from  the Clark County Jail, Las Vegas Jail, North Las Vegas Jail and the Jail. For free no obligation inmate search and bail info please call 702-608-2245.  You will be happy you did, guaranteed!

Sentencing Delays Continue to Plague Clark County Courts

Ongoing delays in the processing of pre-sentencing reports in Clark County have resulted in numerous criminals having to wait months after their convictions to finally receive the exact terms of their punishment. Some of these convicted criminals are housed in the Clark County Detention Center, while others remain free after having made bail. The cascade of problems these delays can cause have prompted concern among county commissioners, the courts, law enforcement officials, prosecuting attorneys and public defenders alike.

The problem is that Parole and Probation, the office inside the Department of Public Safety responsible for producing the pre-sentencing reports necessary for individual cases to move forward to sentencing, is operating under a backlog that now runs afoul of the law. Pre-sentence reports provide the courts with facts about an individual criminal’s history and circumstances that help judges formulate appropriate sentences. This summer, Parole and Probation was late in processing roughly 200 pre-sentence reports, resulting in an extra 2-4 months of incarceration at the Detention Center for affected inmates. As of October 17, there were 457 individuals still in jail who should already have been sentenced, but who had not been.

Nevada law provides that sentencing must occur within 45 days of a conviction, and that pre-sentence reports be finalized within 38 days post-conviction. The reasons for prompt sentencing are many, and include things such as the excessive cost of jailing convicts at the Clark County Detention Center for longer than necessary and the fact that sentencing delays for those out on bail increase the chances that the offender gets into additional trouble. Estimates suggest that the annual cost of housing those whose sentences have been delayed totals upwards of $17.3 million. Furthermore, convicts who are not sentenced in a timely manner can experience unnecessary delays in entering substance abuse and other counseling programs ordered by the courts.

The extended jail stays that have resulted from these delays are also problematic from a logistical point of view. According to Phil Kohn, a public defender in Clark County, the facilities themselves were never designed to accommodate the type of family visits and rehabilitative programming requirements that these inmates need. Unfortunately, the very budget constraints that make housing these prisoners for longer than initially contemplated are also contributing to the pre-sentence reporting problems at Parole and Probation.

The office of Parole and Probation itself currently employs 27 individuals charged with producing the reports, down 10 from past staff totals. In an attempt to eliminate the backlog, many staffers are having to work numerous overtime hours. Without action by the legislature, however, funding for additional workers will not be available for at least another two years. According to Clark County Department of Public Safety Deputy Director Jackie Muth, however, a request for legislative intervention to stem the tide of the backlog may be imminent.

Man who attacked officer with baseball bat admits revenge

The man who attacked a Clark County Detention Center officer on Wednesday with a baseball bat admits that revenge was his motive. Police arrested the man after the attack and he was booked into the Clark County Detention Center with the charge of attempted murder as well as assault with a deadly weapon, among other charges.

The attack occurred when the man, identified as Michael Law, 25, entered the Clark County Detention Center front lobby with a baseball bat. Law entered the building through the primary visitor’s entrance opening from Casino Center Drive. This was later corroborated by witnesses and video surveillance. The man then immediately swung the bat at a nearby officer. He hit the officer at least four times, with blows landing upon his head, neck, jaw and fingers. Law swung the bat anywhere from 20 to 30 times, but not all the blows connected with the officer. Other police officers in the lobby quickly rushed to the aid of the victim and eventually managed to restrain the assailant. Law was also reportedly in the process of pulling out a large knife when he was restrained.

Both the injured officer and Law were taken to nearby Las Vegas hospitals, with the officer ending up at the University Medical Center Trauma department, and Law at another area hospital. Law was reportedly concealing plastic-wrapped identification in his boxer shorts. He later stated that he had put it in his anal cavity to make it hard for the corrections officers.

After Law was arrested, he stated that he entered the Clark County Detention Center with the intention to swing at the first officer he spotted. He picked that particular location as he believed that it would have plenty of officers to choose from. He further said that he was angry at police for not coming to his aid during a robbery earlier in the month.

Officials at the Clark County Detention Center said they were surprised by how brazen the man was in planning the strike.

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